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The System

The Act-Now System is

a revolutionary approach to the

American Method system of acting.

Designed by

Glenn English, it combines

12 core exercises, which teach  students how to build a character from without and from within, with astonishing results

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Acting Classes

We are offering IN-PERSON ACTING CLASSES in New York City in the Act-Now System for students pursuing professional acting careers! 
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Online Workshops

We also offer Online Workshops

for the Non-Actor, to develop Voice, Relaxation method,

and superior

Presentation Skills.


These workshops are appropriate for business professionals, from advertising executives, broadcast journalists, to trial attorneys. 

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Virtual Coaching

 For students looking to go outside the box, we offer virtual coaching sessions in a variety of packages. Sessions can tailored both

for working actors or
working in a

variety of professions. 

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Acting Classes in New York City at the Act-Now Studio!



Become an actor with Glenn English and his powerful, practical Method training. 

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Unleash Your Acting Potential with Expert Guidance

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Join Our Dynamic Acting Classes in the Heart of New York City

Join Our Weekly Classes! 
$200 per month for a weekly, in-person class!

Call the Studio @ 646-286-4465

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