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Professional Acting Coach in New York City

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About Glenn English

Creator and primary teacher of the 12 Step Method.

Glenn English began his professional acting training in New York City in 1988, where he was fortunate enough to work with some of the best teachers in the Biz. These included Academy Award winners William Hickey, Burgess Meredith, and Sandy Dennis. While these early years were rewarding, he wanted to go deeper and really master “The American Method”.

From there, he spent the next 5 years studying with famed teacher Alice Spivak, Marcia Haufrecht of the Actor’s Studio and the revered Terry Schreiber, who has trained hundreds of famous actors. Since then, Glenn has worked extensively as an actor, a producer, a writer, and a director. Around 2005, it became apparent that many of the great acting teachers were no longer vital and Glenn decided to take up the tradition but in an untraditional way.  

“Back in the day,” he recalls, “It wasn’t uncommon for actors to spend years learning their craft but I think times moves differently now. Today we have a technology-driven culture, people want to learn things and do things faster. Much of my recent work has been about streamlining the learning process with the Method. We've eliminated repetitive elements of it and found ways to simplify certain exercises, which gives actors a working method that doesn't take years to acquire."  

Learn from a Seasoned Expert in the Acting Industry

Contact: or 646-286-4465

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